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Mobile Phone Use Causes Skin Problems

October 17, 2008

Mobile phone use causes skin problems
Press Trust of India
Friday, October 17, 2008, (New Delhi)
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Mobiles have become the ultimate necessity in our lives today. But researchers have warned that cell phone users are at risk of getting an itchy skin problem.

A team from the British Association of Dermatologists has found that mobile users are increasingly developing rashes on their faces and ears caused by an allergic reaction to the nickel on handsets.

And, according to the researchers, the phenomenon is being seen in people who do spend long periods of time on the phone, the British media reported.

As a large number of people are sensitive to nickel, which is used extensively in cell phone handsets, including buttons and surround of the screen, the team has dubbed the phenomenon “mobile phone dermatitis” where the skin becomes red, inflammed, blistered, dry and cracked.

Moreover, according to the researchers, women have a higher risk of developing mobile phone dermatitis, as they are more likely to have been previously sensitised to the metal following an allergic reaction to nickel-coated jewellery.

“The allergy results from frequent skin contact with nickel-containing objects. Prolonged or repetitive contact with a nickel-containing phone is more likely to cause a skin reaction in those who are allergic.

“If you’ve had a previous reaction to a nickel-coated

belt-buckle or jewellery, for example, you are at greater risk

of reacting to metal phones.

“In mobile phone dermatitis, the rash would typically

occur on the cheek or ear, depending on where the metal part

of the phone comes into contact with the skin. In theory, it

could even occur on fingers if you spend a lot of time texting

on metal menu buttons,” the Association’s Dr Graham Lowe was

quoted as saying. PTI MOT