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More Cell Phone Cancer Correlation

November 4, 2008

More Cell Phone Cancer Correlation

More Cell Phone Cancer Correlation

By Conor | November 2, 2008


A major concern here at GreenTaxi is the long term risk of cell phones causing cancer or any other risk to our bodies.  Walking around all day with a device sending out radio waves directly into our head seems like it must be a risk of some sort longer term.

We’ve discussed this previously and continue to wait for the WHO’s massive study results if and when they are ever released.  But any new research or opinions are always interesting.

An article out of a Baltimore TV station reports on views from a leading oncologist who has been studying this for a while.  I do not think her findings are anything new, but some of the points the article brings up in regards to the use of cellphones by children are particularly scary.

Davis said it takes 10 years for most brain cancers to develop. Pictures from cell phone companies show the electromagnetic signal goes about two inches into the adult brain — halfway through the brain of a 10-year-old and completely through the brain of a 5-year-old. Yet children are one of the fastest growing markets for cell phones.

Davis said children’s’ brains are the most vulnerable.

“Many children sleep with them under their pillow on vibrate, so the signal gets right into their head while they’re sleeping,” she said.

Studies out of Sweden are pointing to risk in youths using cellphones for more than 10 years.  Sweden has been using cellphones actively for more than 20 years, so their data goes back a bit more than other countries.

An epedimiologist there, “has told colleagues that he has findings that people who started to use cell phones as teens, by the time they reached their late 20s, had five times more gliomas.”

Please keep your eye out for further studies and information.  I will continue to post anything I can find here.

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