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Court ruling allows regulation of cell towers

November 13, 2008

Bad news!

Court ruling allows regulation of cell towers

A federal appeals court reversed itself Thursday and said cities and counties can regulate the location and appearance of wireless towers and poles, a ruling that could revive a dormant San Francisco ordinance.
The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld San Diego County’s limits on the placement, size and design of towers and poles that are needed for companies to provide cell phone service and wireless Internet connections. The court also voted 11-0 to discard a standard it had established in 2001 that barred local governments from adopting any restrictions that “may have the effect of prohibiting” wireless services.
Federal courts in the nine-state circuit have relied on the 2001 ruling to overturn restrictions on telecommunications structures in several communities, including San Francisco and Berkeley. The court said Thursday that it had misinterpreted federal law when it issued the earlier ruling, and that local governments can regulate wireless towers and poles as long as they don’t actually prohibit wireless service within their borders or create a “significant gap in service coverage.”
San Diego County’s 2003 ordinance was intended to keep unsightly structures out of neighborhoods. It required poles to be camouflaged in residential areas, set height limits, required companies to submit a “visual impact analysis,” and allowed a zoning board to deny an application if it was inconsistent with the character of the community. Two courts had overturned the ordinance, based on the 2001 appellate standard, before Thursday’s ruling reinstated it.

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November 10, 2008


A WOMAN allergic to 21st century life is being evicted from the Bishop’s Stortford flat she claims is her “safe haven”.

Lesley Moylette, who suffers from electrosensitivity, has been given two weeks to leave her home in Windhill after she was taken to court by housing association South Anglia.

Her condition, which sufferers believe is due to electromagnetic fields emitted by electrical appliances, causes symptoms including insomnia and migraines.

However, since moving to her daughter Sam’s two-bedroom flat 47-year-old Lesley’s health has improved as she believes the property is relatively free from electro-waves. She keeps it free from mod cons such as telephones, computers and TVs.

Three months ago she was served with an eviction notice by East Herts District Council and South Anglia, which claimed she was ineligible to live there because it is rented by Sam.

The Observer was barred by the judge from yesterday’s (Wednesday September 24) public hearing at Harlow county court after solicitors representing South Anglia objected.

Lesley tearfully said afterwards: “He said he can’t change the law and that they want the building back. All they care about is what the law says, never mind the human costs. I’m utterly devastated and just don’t know what to do.”
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Lesley needs a home – can anyone help her!
please contact her if you have anywhere suitable:

This tragic story illustrates how vulnerable all electro sensitives are. We encourage a wide distribution of this story which might help find a suitable home for Lesley Moylette.

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