Mobile Phone Causes Brain Risk

Mobile Phone Causes Brain Risk
These days there are lots of studies that have proved that extensive use of mobile phones can effect on person’s internal metabolism. Radiations emit from the gadget cause ill effects on brain. Although researchers are still to get a full-proved evidence of a potential threat to man’s physiological system but there is no doubt that the frequent use of this revolutionary gadget causes harm to human body as well on the environment.

Scientific research has found that emission from mobile phones could place users at risk of brain conditions including Alzheimer’s disease. In most of the developed countries safety standards of mobile phones are based on the assumption that the only biological effect of microwave radiation is heating, also known as thermal effect. However, researchers have proved that non-thermal effects do exist and occur at a significantly lower radiation level than what causes heating. It implies that present safety standards need to be changed so that they allow considerably lower levels of radiation intensity.

There are also some appalling facts are coming out because of mobile radiation. Researchers in Sweden have found that just two minutes exposure to energy waves from a handset can disable a defense mechanism in the body designed to prevent harmful proteins and toxins in the blood from entering the brain. The risk of entering of the protein into the brain can elevate brain and nerve diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis developing. The study conducted by scientists at the University of Lund, near Malmo, exposed rats to microwave pulses similar to the emissions from a mobile phone to calculate the effect on the body’s blood-brain barrier. Exposed animals, were much more likely to have albumin leaking from blood vessels in inappropriate locations. There some dark dots appeared in the exposed brain. Control animals, on the other hand showed either no albumin leakage or occasional isolated spots. Further, a closer look at the cells within the brain revealed that exposed animals had scattered and grouped dark neurons.

The scientists have found that in rats even a short span of time of exposure to radiation at the same level as mobile phones caused the opening of the blood-brain barrier. Scientists are unsure about the harmful effect of the radiation but it seems that molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood while the mobile phone is switched on and cross into the brain. The researchers pose doubts on the safeguards drawn up by the WHO (world Health Organization).

However, mobile manufacturers toss away the matter, as there is no firm evidence of the effect till date. They stress their opinion by saying that they are restricted in the strength of microwaves to a minimum level so that it doesn’t exceed levels that would excessively heat user’s heads. They insist that radiation amounts are within safety guidelines and dismissed the notion that these microwaves could “cook”� the brain. They argue that a simple physical or mental trauma can cause much heat that the weak microwaves that the devices emit.

It seems that world is divided into two halves. One continuously propels the thoughts of harmful effects of Mobile phone and other endlessly defending their arguments by dismissing the researchers and doctors. Whatever, the fact is, we can’t deny the importance of mobile phones in our life and undoubtedly it becomes an inevitable part of our life.



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