Kids & Teens More at Risk for Brain Tumors from Cell Phone Use

Cell Phone Tumor: New Study Says Kids And Teens More At Risk For Brain Tumors From Cell Phone Use! Read on…
Cell Phone Tumor

Several studies over the years have linked cell phone use to brain tumors.

Dr. George Carlo, who was hired by the Cell Phone Industry to front a research group whose main objective was to prove cell phones safe, found-after 6 years of research-that they were anything but!

According to Dr. Carlo, “The big picture is disturbingly clear. There is a definite risk that the radiation plume that emanates from a cell phone antenna can cause cancer and other health problems.”

When he communicated this to the CEOs of the Cell Phone Industry, they ignored him.

Brain tumors, brain cancer, and findings that cell phone radiation caused leaking of the blood/brain barrier, were definitely not considered good for sales and the cell phone industry wanted to hear nothing more about it.

Dr. Carlo eventually resigned as head of the study and went on to become an activist for the regulation of wireless electromagnetic frequencies. His non-profit organization, Safe Wireless Initiative, cites the only safe wireless is no wireless and advocates a return to fiber optics, aka wired technology.
Cell Phone Use More Dangerous for Kids

Instead of taking any precautionary measures, the Cell Phone Industry went on to market cell phones to kids and teens. Kids and teens are now among the fastest growing users of cell phones.

Unfortunately, they are also the most likely to develop brain tumors from cell phone use.

A recent Swedish study head by EMF researcher Lennart Hardell found children absorbed more radiation into their brains from cell phones due to the thinness of their not yet fully developed skulls.

“People who started mobile phone use before the age of 20 have more than five-fold increase in glioma,” said Professor Hardell. “This is a warning sign. It’s very worrying. We should be taking precautions.”

Learn more about the hazards of cell phone radiation and how you can best protect yourself.


Cell Phone may Perk up Brain Cancer Risk among Kids/

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