India Violence

I would like to post about something different just for today.

Here a news story that just makes me really sad right now:

India: Violence kills 14, displaces 10,000

  • Story Highlights
  • Fighting between tribal people and Muslims leaves 14 dead and displaces 10,000
  • Assam state authorities call in the army to quell fighting
  • Round-the-clock curfew with a two-hour afternoon break imposed
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NEW DELHI, India (CNN) — Authorities in India’s remote northeastern state of Assam have called in the army to quell fighting between tribal people and Muslims which has left 14 dead and displaced more than 10,000.

George Basumatari, the most senior official of Assam’s troubled Udalguri district, told CNN that a round-the-clock curfew with a two-hour afternoon break had been imposed in the district.

“It will remain in place at least for four more days,” he said.

The fighting started September 30. By Sunday, 14 people were feared killed, Basumatari said.

District authorities have set up 18 relief camps where more than 10,000 people were staying, he said.

The two groups have been clashing with bows, arrows and spears.

Basumatari thinks decades-old rivalry between the local tribals and Muslims, who are seen as Bangladeshi settlers, may have played a part in the clashes.

“Some misunderstanding just flared up the situation,” he said.



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